Sunday, June 20, 2010

An update from Pat's sister, Kathy,

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sara asked me to write an update on her "Praying for a Miracle" blog, so I will do my best. Many friends have been asking specifically how to be praying, so I hope this will help.

Howard brought Pat home on Thursday, June 17th after 10 days in the hospital. I drove up the same day to be of help in any way possible. I had not seen her for awhile so I was not prepared for the decline in her health.

She is retaining fluids and it is very apparent in her feet and ankles. She finds it hard to find a comfortable position for breathing and resting.

Pat is scheduled for a lung x-ray, lab work and Zometa shot on Monday. On Tuesday morning she is scheduled to see an Oncologist. It will be a struggle for her to get ready and out to the car for these trips to town. She needs help in walking even short distances and it leaves her breathless.

A special prayer meeting just for Pat was held at her church last night at 8:45. About 25 people dropped whatever they were doing, when notified, and made their way to the church to lift her up to our Lord. We continue to ask for your prayers on Pat's behalf. Howard, Sara, Jeff, Amy and the rest of the family also need your prayers.

On a lighter note, congratulations to Sara on completing all of the work for her master's degree!!!!

Sara and Amy were planning on coming June 29th to stay with their parents for the month of July but decided to come sooner. They flew to NM today and really surprised Pat this evening.


  1. Please know that Rick and I are praying and sending lots of love to this precious family. May God hold them close.

  2. So glad Sara and Amy came in early. I'm sure it was a spirit-lifter for Pat. My love to all.

  3. I wish I could be there to give them all a hug, but I will have to send my love instead. I will continue to keep all of the family in my prayers.