Sunday, December 13, 2009

Everyone Deserves a Lifetime

I am VERY sorry for the lack of posts. A lot has happened since the last post. The posts slowed down because my mom was taking oral chemo, which meant no chemo photo shoots J. I’ll try my best to fill you in on all the latest news.

My mom started experiencing side effects with the oral chemo. They decided to do a CT scan and bone scan. The results from the scans were not what we were expecting. The CT scan showed that there had been no decrease in the cancer and one of the lesions on the liver had grown. The bone scan showed no improvement. So, the doctor decided to change my mom to a new chemo.

The new chemo is three weeks on and one week off. My mom has been handling this chemo well so far and she is enjoying having her hair grow back. We are not sure when the next CT scan is but we are anxious to see if the new chemo is working.

Dan and I participated in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day the weekend before Thanksgiving. With the help of friends and family we raised over $4,600 for Breast Cancer Research and awareness. We walked 60 miles over three days. It was an amazing experience and even though we couldn’t walk by the end of the three days, we would do it again and again for mom. What we suffered was nothing in comparison to what we have seen my mom endure with an amazing attitude. It was an emotional 3 days being surrounded by breast cancer survivors and walking in honor of my mom. The slogan for the event was, “Everyone Deserves a Lifetime.” My mom deserves a lifetime and that is why I pray daily for a miracle of healing.

Well, as you can all imagine, in the midst of chemo and side effects, my mom has done everything but slow down. Here is a glimpse into her life over the last couple of months.

- worked full time
- weekend trip to visit Amy in Chico, CA
- one night getaway with dad to a mountain resort in Ruidoso
- week trip to San Antonio with my dad and my mom’s parents
- entertained 37 people at Thanksgiving
- entertained many friends and family dropping by for little visits
- and much more

Below are pictures to catch you up. Please keep praying for a miracle and strength for my mom.

Weekend trip to see Amy

View from my parents night getaway

Isaac, Dad, Mom, and Kaelee at Thanksgiving

Mom and her girls : )

My mom trying everything to get her port to work...

Brenda keeping my mom company

My mom complained of looking like a boy. Nancy Erwin (my coworker) made bows for my mom to wear. My dad and mom had fun with them at chemo but they look really cute in my mom's curly hair.

Paula explaining nurse stuff to Tiffani (my cousin who is in nursing school)

Paula.....Where does this tubing go??? : )

Aunt Suzanne made a cute interactive bulletin board. People wrote their favorite season and why on the leaves.