Thursday, May 28, 2009

CT Scan Results

There is a slight reduction in the size of the lesions noted in each lung. Some still remain but they are not as conspicuous as before.

The liver has the same amount of lesions, but with a definite decrease in the size of some.

The doctor was amazed that mom has had minimal side effects and is staying strong. The plan is to keep on with the chemo since it is doing the job. Praise God for continued progress. Continue to pray for healing, God is the master healer.

String Figures

The nurses were concerned at how quiet my mom was during chemo. Aunt Kathy and mom were intently figuring out how to make Jacob’s Ladder. I think it really taxed them mentally to figure it out. ☺

Maybe we should keep trying!!!!!

The Cat's Whiskers, Eiffel Tower, Cup and Saucer, and Witch’s Broom were much easier. Do these bring back memories? This is something they probably did when they were little girls in Loving, New Mexico.

Paula (the nurse) thought Pat was having too much fun, so she wrapped mom in packing bubbles to control her.

Karen was so busy that she couldn't play with the strings so she used them as a necklace.

Mom is lucky to have wonderful sisters that love her so very much. Aunt Kathy got suckered into helping mom to cook for 30 people (with the help of Carol Molendyk) and helped her get caught up at her work. We love Aunt Kathy!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Please Pray for CT Scan

Please pray for my mom's CT scan. Pray for healing in her body. I'll let you know the results as soon as we know. We are still praising God for the results from the last CT scan.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Chemo Surprises

Wow!!!!! Chemo was exciting and overwhelming for my mom. Thank you for all who showered my mom with cards and gifts. Before I get into all the emotional stuff I’ll explain what happened.

A couple weeks ago I emailed my mom’s family and friends and asked them to send cards or little gifts to help my Aunt Suzanne fill a sunshine basket for my mom’s next chemo treatment. The response to the email was amazing. My aunt received so many letters and packages the basket soon turned into a huge display.

While my mom was in another room talking with Nurse Karen, my Aunt Suzanne brought in all the gifts and set them up on my mom’s chair. When my mom came out she was completely surprised to find all the gifts.

The basket of goodies not only touched my mom but also touched the nurses (Paula and Karen). My mom was scared they would mess up her chemo because of their crying.

I think Alisa was laughing.

The rest of the chemo treatment was filled with opening cards and gifts. There were cards that were touching, cards that sang, cards that made her laugh, and cards from friends she hasn’t seen or talked to in years. After she opened all the cards she opened the many gifts that included books, CD’s, gift certificates, figurines, spa treatment items, silly gifts, games, puzzles, hats, puppets, moose nugget earrings : ) (from Alaska), paper dolls, homemade candy and much more. Some gifts will definitely be used for fun times in upcoming chemo treatments.

She had to put this puppet together before she could play with it.

All of the letters touched my mom with laughter, memories, and encouragement. But one letter in particular stands out. My mom’s great niece, Adley Van Soest, (Doug and Andrea Van Soest’s daughter) wrote this letter on her own in her room when she was supposed to be resting.

Here is a translation of her precious words (if you need it), “I love God. He is so powerful. God can do anything. He loves everyone. He is so special. He can heal the sick people. He loves you and me. Love, Adley”------These are sweet, very true, and powerful words from a 5 ½ year old.

I think all the fun of Chemo made my mom and Aunt Suzanne’s cheeks a little rosier. ☺

See you later!

I think it is safe to say that there are many people that love my mom and are praying for her. Thank you to everyone that sent a letter or gifts. Also thank you Aunt Suzanne for putting together everything. I wonder what is in store for the next chemo. ☺

My mom will be having another CT scan on May 19th. She has a Dr's appointment on the 27th to find out the results.