Friday, February 27, 2009

CT Scan (keep praying for a miracle)

My mom has her first CT scan since she has started chemo. The CT scan is scheduled for March 5th and her doctor’s appointment to go over the CT scan is on March 11th. PLEASE continue to pray for a miracle of healing in her body.

Chemo Fun

My mom had another chemo treatment and for the most part it went well. There were a couple minor glitches. Her potassium was still low and her blood pressure was high and her chest started to tighten a little again. They have increased her potassium pills to 5 a day and they have doubled her blood pressure medicine. On Friday she went in again for a shot to boost her white blood cells.

My Aunt Suzanne accompanied her and as you can see from the pictures they had a lot of fun. My Aunt Suzanne beat my mom at Skip Bo. They also put on a juggling show for the doctor’s office. They had the whole office entertained and laughing. I wonder what surprises will be in store for my mom’s next chemo? : )

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chemo Treatment

My mom had another successful chemo treatment. My Aunt Kathy (her sister) accompanied my mom to the chemo treatment. They tried on blond wigs, played Skip-Bo, and apparently, my Aunt Kathy pampered my mom by feeding her strawberries. My dad and Uncle Marvin stopped by for a visit and a quick snapshot. My parents enjoyed having Aunt Kathy and Uncle Marvin around for a couple days.

The next day my mom went for a shot to keep her white blood cell count up. Mom found out that this one shot costs $4,500.00….thank God for insurance. : )

My mom has a doctor’s appointment on February 18th. Hopefully, after this appointment they will schedule another C.T. Scan so we will see what progress she has made and what the next step is. Please continue to pray for my mom’s strength and for a miracle of healing.

Wonderful Work Environment

My mom’s work has been nothing but supportive, encouraging, and loving. My mom has been famous for pulling the cancer card at work and even while playing games. A co-worker’s daughter & summer staff (Meghan Tucker) made a sign for my mom that said “I don’t have to deal with this I have cancer.” She keeps it on her desk to use when needed. Well, since they copied her Mohawk hairdo they didn’t want to be left out on the cancer card. During a staff meeting everyone in the meeting held up signs saying, “I shouldn’t have to deal with this, Pat has Cancer.”

They also gave her a Spirit Award, this is what the award said:

“For exceptional courage in the face of extreme trials
For contagious joy reminding all of us that our joy is not dependent
On our circumstances, but our relationship to Jesus

For all you are and all you do, we congratulate you and thank God for your presence at Bonita Park”

Like I’ve said before, we are all thankful that my mom is surrounded by friends that are supportive and keep a joyful atmosphere around my mom.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Low Potassium and White Blood Cell Count

For the last several weeks my mom has been struggling to keep her potassium at a normal level. Due to her low potassium and chemo she has been extremely tired. On Wednesday she went in for her weekly blood test and they called her later in the afternoon asking her to come back in. She found out her potassium was very low and her white blood cell count was low. She had a four hour IV of potassium and a shot to stimulate her white blood cells. Thursday and Friday she also had to go in for the shot to stimulate her white blood cells. From now on she will have to get a shot to stimulate her white blood cells the day after every chemo treatment. She also has new pills to hopefully help keep up her potassium levels.

My mom has her next chemo treatment next Thurday. Please pray that she will take it well and that the chemo is doing its job. My mom has been a trooper and is still trying to live life normal even though she is really tired. I love her so much and I'm glad she's fighting this cancer with a great outlook on life.