Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tattoo Fun

Wow, a lot has happened since my last blog update. We are still praising God for the results of my mom’s CT scan and she is still continuing her chemo treatments. My mom was able to alter the timing of her chemo treatments so they don’t get in the way of some exciting things (she can’t miss out on the fun). She will still have chemo every three weeks but she waited 4 weeks for the chemo treatment she just had. Now that the dates of her chemo treatments are changed she can enjoy all her kids and grandkids coming to visit for the Easter weekend and she can enjoy Jeff’s Graduation in May.

About two weeks ago my mom caught a cold and has been trying to fight it off for the last couple weeks. It hit her pretty hard and it is still lingering. Pray that she will be able to get rid of the cold soon and try to stay away from any sicknesses.

Our family also found out that our Grandma Ours (dad’s mom) is in the hospital with only 15 % of her heart working. My dad flew out there for two weeks to be with her (he will come home next weekend).

Thankfully my mom is surrounded by many people that love her that are taking care of her while my dad is gone. Erna Crosby has arranged babysitters to spend the night with my mom every night after a scare with my mom choking on one of her pills and Erna Crosby doing the Heimlich maneuver on her. Also my Aunt Suzanne came up Thursday morning to take my mom to her chemo treatment and then she brought my mom down to Roswell on Friday morning. My mom will stay at my Aunt Suzanne’s house till Tuesday. We are very thankful to my Aunt Suzanne for taking time to take care of my mom and taking so many trips up and down the mountain.

My mom also enjoyed a fun day with her mother and sisters in Roswell last Monday. They enjoyed a lunch together and helped my mom pick out a wig.

It is becoming a major deal and pressure to come up with something new and exciting to do while my mom is receiving her chemo treatments. This time my Aunt Suzanne gave my mom and herself tattoo’s (with help from Elisa) during the chemo treatment. They turned the office into tattoo parlor and had the whole office interested in what they were doing. I think my Aunt Suzanne has found her calling in life. : )

Karen doesn't want to miss out on the fun : )

In the picture below my mom has a quilt over her lap. One of my friends and coworker Sindus approached me a couple months ago and asked if her church could make my mom a prayer quilt. I thought it would be wonderful. I filled out the paper work and Sindus took care of the rest. A ministry at her church made the quilt and after mass one Sunday everyone came out and said a prayer for my mom as they tied a knot on the quilt. This touched us that people that don’t even know her took the time to make the quilt and say prayers for her. My mom is now going to take the prayer quilt with her on all her chemo treatments.

Elisa and Paula taking care of my mom

Prayer is AMAZING. It is comforting knowing that my mom is surrounded by prayers from all over world, from people who love her dearly, and from people who have never met her. I am so thankful to Jesus that we have a way to support my mom by praying to Him. Thank you for all your prayers they are working.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Praise Jesus!!!!!!!!!!! My mom received a call from her nurse practitioner Karen this morning. Karen said the results from the CT Scan shows Definite Improvement…yeah!!! The main improvement was seen in the lungs and liver. One lesion that was 5.5 centimeters it is now 3.8 centimeters. The liver lesions now have dead centers which means they are healing. There was one lesion on a pulmonary artery that is now GONE!! It is still in the vertebra and in the bone but we have to keep in mind that all of this progress is after only 3 chemos. Thank God for his hand in my mom’s healing process. Please continue to pray for my mom as she continues to fight this cancer. She still has a doctor’s appointment next Wednesday for a more in-depth look at her CT scans and discussing the next step.