Friday, August 14, 2009

Chemo Interrupted

My mom had a super super busy week during the NM district Family Camp last week. On Thursday she started having pain in her feet (not sure if it was from overworking or her chemo). Since feet pain is one of the side effects her Doctor decided to take her off the chemo until the pain got better. She was off the chemo for about 3 days and them started it back up again at a lower dose. We are thankful this has been the only side effect.

Mom received the results from her bone scan (only slight change) :-(

We praise God that she is in no pain! The cancer is in most of her bones so this is a real miracle!!!


The new chemo has caused major facial hair and nose growth.
Hopefully this isn't permanent :-)

My Mom's friend Carol Molendyk joined her for one of her infusions.
I'm sure my mom won at Skip-Bo :-)