Saturday, July 25, 2009

CT Scan-No Change : (

My mom received the results from the CT scan and there has been no change from the last CT scan. This is another sign that it was time to change chemo treatments. Obviously her body was not responding to her last chemo treatment anymore.

We are thankful for the progress she has made but bummed that there was no progress this past time. Please pray that this new chemo will continue to do a great job at fighting the cancer and that my mom will handle it well. She still has a bone scan next week.

Keep praying for a miracle!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Changes

My mom is in a transition point in her chemo treatment. She has now had 9 treatments of the same chemo. Overall, she has handled it very well. The only side effects she encountered in the beginning were loss of hair and exhaustion. Well, with the last two treatments a new side effect has occurred that we knew might happen. She developed Neuropathy, her feet and hands had numbness and tingling. It can become painful or permanent. It was never painful for her but we are praying that it will not become permanent.

Because of the new side effect the doctor decided to change her chemo. The new chemo will be an oral chemo taken at home. For two weeks she will take 3 pills in the morning and 3 pills at night. After the two weeks she will have a week off before she repeats the two weeks again. The great news is that her hair will grow back. Of course with all chemo treatments there are a list of side effects that we pray she will not have to deal with.

Even though the change is nice my mom still has some worries. She is worried if this chemo will let her live a normal life like she still has been able to do. This chemo is every day for two weeks instead of once every three weeks.

She also had another CT Scan today and has a bone scan next week. Please pray for the results of these scans and for my mom's reaction to the new chemo. She is still in high spirits and planning a trip to Alaska.

Commenting Issues

I realize that some people were having difficulty making comments. I THINK I fixed comment away. : )

Friday, July 10, 2009

Aliens Invade

My Aunt Suzanne is from Roswell, NM and one of her friends Kenny was feeling a little green. She brought him to my mom's chemo session so the wonderful nurses could take care of him. As you can see my mom took his blood pressure and Aunt Suzanne put a cool cloth on his forehead while they waited and waited and waited for the nurses. :-)

As you can see Kenny was was well taken care of.

Kenny brought the nurses bracelets as a thank you for all their wonderful help.

The nurses asked my Aunt Suzanne if she would redecorate their office (she is VERY creative and an AMAZING decorator). My Aunt agreed but they only gave her a budget of $10. On that budget my Aunt was only able to decorate the bulletin board. She did a wonderful job!

Aunt Suzanne and my mom with alien antennas.

My mom is doing great but is starting to have some side effects. Please pray that they will be able to find a way to make her feel comfortable and still fight the cancer.