Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The Ours family was together for Easter and enjoyed a short weekend together. Kaelee and Isaac were the focus of the weekend. Kaelee is starting to walk and had fun playing on the stairs. Her smile can melt your heart and her laugh is adorable. Isaac has a vivid imagination and loves books. He was really into telling all of us he loves us and giving hugs, kisses, and zurberts. Isaac also woke up both mornings around 5:30 a.m. to play in his clubhouse. He would come down the stairs in the dark and would try to get Grammy (she was sleeping on the couch) to play with him.

Jeff and Isaac having fun in the clubhouse : )

Isaac in his clubhouse at 5:30 a.m.

Kaelee and Isaac had fun at the animal room at Bonita Park

Kaelee's Easter Outfit

Love this pic!!!

My mom started a new chemo a month ago. She was extremely tired, had a terrible cough, had a hard time breathing, and her neuropathy started coming back in her hands, of course she worked at her job through all of this. This is the first time we have seen the chemo and cancer affect her this bad.

A couple of things were done to help her comfort level. She is now on 24-hour oxygen and they lowered the dosage of her chemo to hopefully maintain the neuropathy. The oxygen helped her energy level and breathing.

The oxygen tank has been life altering. It is something that my mom needs to have on all the time. She has a machine at home that makes oxygen from the air. She has a 45-foot cord, which gives her freedom to walk around the house. The tubing loves to get tangled up around chairs or in computer cords. The storage room has turned into storage for oxygen tanks for when my mom leaves the house. My dad is amazing at making sure there are enough tanks in the car or at work.

My mom has named her portable oxygen tank “Greta.” We decided to make a dress for Greta two hours before her chemo yesterday. We gathered scraps of fabric and quickly assembled a dress (please do not critique the quality). The chemo center loved it and they were requesting the same dress to be made for them.

My dad must really love my mom : )

Aunt Suzanne changed the chemo center’s bulletin board for Spring. She did an amazing job like always. : ) We stayed with the Spring theme and did a spring photo shoot.

Please pray for my mom’s strength with this second round of chemo. This time she felt really good the morning after her chemo but was quickly fading by the evening. We are also praying that she will have enough energy to attend my Masters Graduation in California in May.

Please continue to pray for the miracle of healing in my mom’s life. God is capable of much more than we can imagine.