Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hawaiian Vacation

My mom and Aunt Suzanne decided to take a Hawaiian Vacation
during my mom’s chemo treatment.

My mom dug out her bikini and tried to get some sun on her legs.
(It had been a few years)

Besides the wonderful vacation Chemo went well for the most part. PA Karen was unable to give my mom one of the medications because of my mom's blood pressure was too high. (It was probably the excitement of being in Hawaii.) The doctor said it was ok to miss it this time.

My mom is still doing great she just enjoyed a visit from Amy and she’s still working 40 ++ hours a week. I think she needed more than just a 4 hour Hawaiian vacation.

Mom and Aunt Suzanne enjoying a few more minutes in the sun.

Mom pretending she is a fish.

Aunt Suzanne, Elisa (office manager) Nurse Nettie and PA Karen (Can you believe Nurse Paula was on vacation - unbelievable that she would miss my mom's chemo day!)