Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Exciting Chemo Day

Kerry Johnson, a dear friend from Hemet who now lives in New Mexico kept my mom company at her chemo treatment. If anyone knows Kerry you know there was no shortage of laughs during the chemo treatment. Kerry was going to bring poster paint to decorate my mom’s head like an Easter egg but didn’t bring it. :(

Paula the nurse, decided to get creative with the medical supplies in the office. She gave my mom a colorful makeover with the help of colored stretchy bandages used to wrap around your arm after giving blood and latex gloves.

Karen always has a ton of question for my mom and my mom gets tired of answering them. So, on this visit Karen made her a yes and no sign to help my mom answer questions without having to talk. It looks like things got a little out of hand.

This is Kerry’s way of shuffling cards. : )

I’m glad that my mom has friends and family that make chemo treatments fun and exciting. My mom looks forward to chemo treatments, I don’t know many cancer patients that can say that. : )

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend With the Family

We were all happy to have the whole family together for the Easter Weekend. I think it was little too much for my mom but we still had a great time. Before most of the family came Mom, Dad, Dan, and I went to Carlsbad and Roswell and had a nice visit with family.

Dad, Granny, Sara, Reagan, Mom, Dan

Issac and Kaelee kept us entertained and they were the life of the party.

My mom’s wig was a popular item to try on this weekend.

Fun Family Pictures

My mom’s Wonderful Doctor

This is a picture of my parents and my mom’s wonderful doctor (Dr. Schnadig). My mom feels very blessed to have him as her Doctor. Every appointment he has spent a lot of time with my mom answering questions and making sure she is comfortable. YEAH Dr. Schnadig!