Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wow! It has been way too long since my last post. A lot has happened but at the same time there hasn’t been any fun Chemo treatment photo shoots.

First, I’ll give you an update on the Ours Family.

- Amy convinced my parents to take her to Disney World for Christmas. They had a blast and spent a whole week there.
- Amy, Dan and, I spent New Years with mom and dad and had a lot of fun in the snow.
-My Grandma Ours passed away in January. She lived a long life serving Jesus. We miss her but we are happy she is in a wonderful place, pain free. Everyone in the family, except my mom (she had an important doctor’s appointment), flew to Pennsylvania for the service and to spend time with our grandpa.
-Dan and I also got to spend a wonderful weekend with my parents in February - Presidents weekend.

As you can tell we don’t let miles get in the way of spending time with each other. Phone calls also help us keep in touch.

Now, for the update on my mom: The last chemo my mom was on was not making a difference in fighting the cancer. She also received results from a bone scan that said there had not been much change over the year. My mom decided to look into getting an opinion from another doctor and possibly trying experimental drugs. After figuring things out with insurance and using connections through our friend, Wanda Golson, my mom finally got an appointment with a doctor at the University of New Mexico Cancer Center. My mom really liked the doctor and we were hoping it would open up new opportunities. We were bummed that there were not any experimental treatments open that she was eligible for. The doctor suggested trying hormone treatments and she would let my mom know if a new experimental treatment would benefit her.

So, my mom went on hormone treatments and changed to a different Doctor at the treatment center she had been going to in Ruidoso. (Albuquerque Doctors) She has been on the hormone treatments since the end of January. Since then her energy level has really dropped and she has developed a HORRIBLE cough.

My mom had a CT scan yesterday and met with the doctor today for the results. The cancer is back and is as bad or worse than it was the first time she found out it came back. The cancer is still in her bones and has grown again in her liver and lungs. Her low energy was from the cancer taking over her liver and the cough is from fluid in her lungs because of the growth of cancer. On Monday my mom is going to start a new chemo that is going to have guns blazing at this cancer. The chemo is going to be strong. The side effects are hair loss, tiredness, and low white blood cells.

The news was frustrating to hear because we feel like we are back at square one. The doctor said she still has hope. : ) My mom is strong as usual and went back to work after the appointment with the doctor. She’s ready to attack the cancer and I know she is able to do this because of God, my dad’s support, family support, work support, and most importantly all your prayers. Please continue to pray for my mother’s strength and for a miracle of healing.

Below are some pictures from a chemo back in December. My mom and Amy brought back a little of Disney World.