Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A New Chapter

My Dad, Amy, Aunt Kathy, and I accompanied my mom to her doctor appointment today. They drew blood and Aunt Kathy took the lab work to the hospital. While she was doing that we had the doctor appointment.

The doctor reviewed her medications and symptoms. She explained the options my mom had. The first option was to continue Chemo. She had never finished the last chemo and there were a few other chemo possibilities. The second option was to go on Hospice. She asked all of us what we thought but the three of us left the decisions to mom. She said she felt she had fought hard and decided to go on Hospice. She then went on to ask the doctor if she was giving up too early. The doctor said no and that she thought my mom has fought long and hard against this battle.

We are not sure if the doctor was a Christian but she talked about God a lot through the appointment. I asked if she had ever witnessed a miracle at this stage and she said anything is possible with God.

When we got in the car I saw my mom cry for the first time through this battle. She apologized to us for giving up. She said she promised she would try everything. We were quick to tell her she did not give up. She fought this cancer in a way we've never seen before. She endured a lot, with no complaints, and had an amazing attitude this last year and a half.

We are happy that the focus will be on her comfort and that we will have help from Hospice.

My mom is an amazing lady who fought cancer with God, humor, and perseverance. I couldn't have asked for a better example of how to handle difficult situations. The battle is not over...we will continue to fight with prayer (the best medicine). Pastor Rick Hutchison and Stan Yocum (her boss) said sometimes things need to get to the impossible for miracles to happen. I know many people are praying, please keep it up.

Along with praying for a miracle, please pray for my mom's comfort level and breathing, and the family as we adjust to the new chapter in our lives.


  1. Praying for all of you - and especially for your mom that she will find peace in her decision and in this new road ahead.

  2. Aunt Pat and ALL of you are even more in our prayers. We know that nothing is impossible with God and we unflinchingly pray for a miracle still.

    Sara, please tell your mom that her faith and perseverance through this long battle has been a testimony to us again and again. She is a witness for the power of Christ through it all. I am in awe of her strength in him.

    We believe God can do more. And we believe in God no matter what happens.

    With love, Kara (and Charlie)

  3. your family has been and will remain my prayer's. I love the ours, as if you were my own family :)

  4. Dear God, please give them a miracle.

  5. We are praying for all of you!

  6. We are praying for all of you Sara, especially you, Pat. Praying still for that miracle. All things are possible with God. Love you all.

  7. Sometimes we pray for patience, sometimes we pray for peace...I'm praying for peace for your family and patience to wait on God to give you that miracle in whatever way He finds best...wish we could help Him hurry up and choose sometimes :)

  8. Oh my goodness, so hard. Praying for you all. Love you guys so much.

  9. We love you all so, so, so much, and are praying. Hugs to all of you, and a diet Coke to you, Pat. I love you.


    I love you so much Pat. I am constantly thinking about you and praying for you. You are such a dear friend to me. I will continue to pray that God will send a miracle. I am sending a big hug to you Pat from me and from the 4 little ones.

  10. With tears in my eyes, I am joining your family in prayer for your mom. She is an amazing lady, and an example and witness to many. I can only imagine the impact she must have had on those who watched her fight first-hand: her doctors, nurses, other chemo patients, her coworkers, neighbors, and those that follow your blog. She has been a faithful and worthy servant of the Lord in this chapter, and I know she will be one of his prized Angels in the next chapter. Love to the Ours and Coronado families.

    -- Danielle Farnell

  11. Dearest Pat,

    I love you! I love how you are so strong in the Lord even when your body is not as strong as it once was. The Lord truly blessed thousands of people by making you the joyful, loving person you are.

    To the whole Ours Family: His love shines through each one of you. What a witness of abiding faith you are showing day by day and year by year. Keep on fighting the good fight -- unto Him.

    I am praying alongside you.

    Love and hugs,
    Becky Martin

  12. Sara, keep the blogging up. It makes us all feel a little more connected. I so wish I could be with you all now, but am thankful to God you are all there together. I just love the way you speak about your mom - she is indeed an amazing person (as all the Ours are) -- and you all serve an AMAZING God. We will keep praying.


  13. Sara and Amy, we are so glad you are able to be with your Mom. Paul and I are holding all of you up in prayer. We hold you all in our hearts as special friends who are walking a dark valley right now. We are praying that God's presence will be constantly evident as you minister to one another. Pat we love you so much! "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble. Therefore we will not fear." Psalm 46
    Paul and Aleta

  14. hi sara...

    this was from a devotional i read, and these words are the devotional for June 22:
    "Go forward fearlessly. Do not think about the Red Sea that lies ahead. Be very sure that when you come to it the waters will part and you will pass over to your promised land of freedom."

    God will make a way for your mom, and for your whole family. love you, dear friend...

  15. I felt very sad when Pastor Rick called me with the news. Pat has her miracle now. We are rejoicing about that and praying for all the family.

  16. Howard, Sara, Amy, Jeff, Kristen, and family:
    Our family was so saddened to hear of Pat's passing, yet we rejoice that there will be no more suffering! Praise God! We have always been in awe of her strength and perseverance and incredible faith that has been such an example for us all. We love you and we prayerfully ask for God's peace and comfort as you move through the next difficult portion of your journey. The Petter Family