Sunday, June 13, 2010

In the Hospital Again

Here is a summary of the many things that have happened this past week.

Last Monday 6/7/10

Mom went to the cancer center in Ruidoso to see her nurse Karen. My mom skipped her chemo the Thursday before because she was still fighting her infection and was having a hard time getting out of the house. As of last Monday she was still having a very difficult time breathing. She could only sleep and breath sitting up and leaning over with her head on a table. Karen her nurse decided that it was best to send her back to the hospital (she just got out of the hospital the Wednesday before) to get the breathing situation under control.

An ambulance picked her up from the cancer center and got her to Albuquerque in two hours. She was hooked up to oxygen and watched the movie Rudy in the Ambulance. My dad went home to pack and met her at the hospital; also, my Aunt Suzanne drove up from Roswell.

This is when the waiting game began. While at the hospital she has had many tests, x-rays, scans, and ultrasounds. The big decision was deciding what to do to help her breathing. There were two options:

Option 1- Insert a medicine into her lungs that would scar her lungs and keep them from filling up with fluid. The procedure would be extremely painful and there were mixed messages on the guarantee of how effective it would be.

Option 2- Insert a drain into her lungs. This drain would allow my mom to drain her own lungs when she felt the need.

My mom decided to go with the drain. This procedure was done on Friday 6/11/10. The procedure went well and my dad went through the training on how to use the drain.

The focus has mainly been on her breathing. She has been doing breathing treatments and talking with doctors about things she can do at home and while she is sleeping to help her breathing. Also, for the first time my mom is starting to take pain medication which is amazing. Cancer is in the bones can be very painful and the doctors have been amazed that she has not needed pain medicine since day one. They want to transition her to pill form of her pain meds before she leaves the hospital. The pain meds have been helpful and have helped her sleep better.

While in the hospital she has had some problems with her blood pressure and she has become dehydrated again. Thankfully she is in the hospital, so that they can help her even though they keep her from resting in the day because of the many nurses, student nurses, technicians, and doctors in and out of her room.

On a positive note my mom has been sleeping better and she got up and walked around for the first time without loosing her breath.

Aunt Suzanne has been sleeping in the hospital with my mom. My dad has been staying in a hotel. Aunt Suzanne went home today and my dad will be sleeping in the hospital room with my mom. They still do not know when they are leaving. There also has not been any decision about what the next step is for chemo. We do know that the cancer is growing.

Please keep praying and I will keep you posted.


  1. I'm continuing to pray for strength for you guys and wisdom for the doctors...hang in there!

  2. Just want to mention that Pat has not lost her sense of humor. She continues to keep us laughing. She has also been kidding around with every nurse, doctor and technician she comes in contact with. Initially they don't know how to take her but they soon loosen up and realize what a fun person she is. She still hanging in there and remains hopeful. She is still a hoot! I am so proud of her!